Seven Different Types of Bags you need to know about

India is a now a hot bed of fashion and is carving a niche for itself in the temple of fame. However,in my opinion,a country cannot grow in isolation with its citizens. Thankfully for the staggering reach of print media and electronic media,coupled with personal initiatives and awareness,we have been able to gain a foothold over the fashion industry. A part of Sanskriti's project is thus to also help generate this sense of awareness and proliferate new ideas of fashion in and around us.

Today's blog entry will try to dispel some darkness from your closet by helping to eliminate some crucial fashion blunders we often make. While we almost instantly pick up a bag of our choice from a store,it is the "what do I pair this with?" which becomes a more pertinent question. Often when we're on the run,we tend to pick up whatever is convenient,thus resulting in occasional fashion disasters.

Style divas like Miranda Kerr,Rihanna etc blaze up the streets not just because of their ravishing dresses but also because of their bags. A key point to note is that choosing the right handbag is also an art. While most of us might want to pick up whatever is in vogue,we need to understand our frame before diving right into the purchase counter.

Some key steps to ease out the confusion while pairing bags and clothes are as follows:

"Don't just 'Match' them, 'Mix' them."

1.Textured clutches

While matching your heels and your bags have always been an easy norm,it is important to note that this common tip can make you look like a over-matched curtain set.To tide over this confusion,aim for a tasteful contrast hinging along the understanding of complementary colours instead of the same ones. For instance, an animal print clutch would go great with a black top and dark cigarette jeans. Alternatively,a pastel top and dark coloured trousers would also do the trick.


2. Metallic bags

Golden,silver and metallic accessories have taken the industry by storm. While golden tints go best with warm skin tones,a silver one would work up 'the cold and distant' look well.This however can be make flexible depending on the shades of metallic tints like rose gold,bronze etc. Going by the "temperature of tones",an understanding that I developed from an article on,gold will make the most harmonious look with "warm" shades, and silver with "cold" shades.You can combine any of these metallic shades with neutral shades of grey,black,beige etc to look subtle.While these work best for the day, black and silver/golden would look great at night.


3. Boots 'n' bags

If you're wearing ankle boots, go for a big handbag. For example, a large animal print handbag with grey ankle boots and a denim skirt is an ideal daytime look. Simple, feminine and fashionable.

On the other hand, high boots go incredibly well with shoulder bags. Mix and match your favorite!(Source:


4. Leather bags

If you have a leather handbag or clutch, you can pair it with some eye-catching platforms. Match an elegant, gold-trimmed black bag with some black print peep-toe shoes with some sort of gold embellishment.


5. Tote bags

These bags are casual and owing to their size,the basic fashion rule is to pair them up with non-ostentatious shoes. This rule holds true for most other big bags. If the bag is of a boring block print or dark hue,pair it up with textured shoes,like croc-print moccasins,loafers etc. Alternatively,you may use flashy totes with unassuming flats or belles.


6. Envelope purses/Messenger bags

They come in several hues and designs and can potentially be paired up with a lot of clothes. If its a small,compact bag,pair it up with chunky shoes, ripped jeans and a summery white top as a suggestion.


7. Backpacks

These bags are a revolution in themselves. They don't just adorn the backs of school kids but the range of colours, textures and materials they come in has made them a popular pick. The Korean fashion industry is indeed a warehouse of creativity in that sense. For a casual evening wear,a backpack of a dark shade like purple,red etc would go perfectly well with say,a white summery dress.Patel shades of backpacks would go well in the day.


A few essential tips to note are:

  • Pay attention to the occasion 
  • Your body type
  • An understanding of complementary colours
  • And most importantly,your comfort.

Not all that is in vogue needs to suit your fancy. Infact,the root of revolution in fashion lies in experimentation and donning outfits one feels comfortable in. Be a trend setter and not one who blindly follows fashion norms.



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