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Flash! Flash! Celebrities getting clicked at the airport. At the Mall. Fashion analysts picking up cues and the fans going all Gaga! That is how most new fashion trends change the way people dress up in countries like ours where celebrities are treated as Gods. So, what's the latest and one of the most beautifully unique styles today? It's undoubtedly the Bohemian Culture based fashion or popularly known as the 'Boho Way'.


Origin & History

The etymology of the word originally reaches out to the land of Bohemia, located in the territory of the present day Czech Republic. The Bohemians however brought the Boho ideology to the forefront first in France just after the French Revolution. The change in the state of artists after the French Revolution was quite for the worse. The revolution took a toll on the artists as these people which were looked upon as creative and beautiful were no longer given the same regard. The wealthy clients of the early system of patronage who used to purchase their work now no longer in a condition to do so. Many embraced the nomadic style of living as they were plunged into poverty. This life of living on the basics usually included wearing used clothing and simple dressing which was not exactly what ‘fashionable’ meant to the society at that time. All this soon changed  when the Romantic Movement of the late 18th century changed the way artists were perceived.


Longing for freedom and yearning to break all the accepted rules and dogmatic stereotypes of the world enforced on them, the people who had this ideology of breaking out of restrictions extended it to what they wore. This gave way to a very specific and, indeed, unique style, serving as an irreplaceable source of inspiration even today. A number of works by novelists, poets and historians can be identified which gives way to the idea of people wearing wandering about in old shoes, yellowed clothes, torn and patched clothing with a general look of disorderness.


Elements of Bohemian Style and Composition

Bohemian style, now referred to as boho chic, has come down through history, reappearing as beatnik style and in the hippie culture of the 1960s. It usually consists of loose flowing clothing made of natural fabrics that are really comfortable to wear, colourful and irregularly patterned. We may point them out as:-

  1. Loose and long clothing
  2. Garments with minimal restriction to the positioning of arms and other body parts.
  3. Worn without corsets ,bras and other restrictive accessories.
  4. Different layers of clothing in contrast,on top of each other.
  5. Used, old and wornout clothing.
  6. Small pieces of cloth worn at the neck or head; usually scarves with bright and vibrant colours.
  7. Oversized accessories such as large earrings or nose- piercings.
  8. Being unique and unusual while selecting and matching garments of different colours of the palatte.
  9. Brimmed hats
  10. Oriental dressing styles like saree, kimono treated with a flair of uniqueness and untidiness.

The existence of floral patterns, checks and avant-grade style accents is abundant. The designs include:-

  1. High-Waist
  2. Flare finishes
  3. Fringes and lace,
  4. Maxi items
  5. Knitted details.


Different Looks and Structure

When talking about the Boho – Chic culture (the name by which it goes today), we can clearly see the rtesemblance between it and the hippie style coupled with vantage looks. Still, the main trend of Boho ooks may bedivided into 3 main groups :-

  1. The Classic Look – It includes details like the velvet and knitted details and often complemented with other European design themes made using Jaquards in looms with intricate patterns.
  1. The Romantic Look – The application of soft and weightless fabrics like chiffon is what you will find here. Other elements include floral décor,ribbons and bows. The theme of such looks is largely inclined to the retro and vintage looks and aims to form a dreamy and soft image.
  1. The Hippie Look – This look encompasses the characteristic details of the hippie style and combining them with original boho look. The outcome of this use filled with the lavish and bright colours matched with strong personal vibes.

Forms of Boho Fashion today include an extensive list of clothing items and accessories and is also influenced by the ethnic ideas of various countries. The items include dresses, tops, skirts, jewellery, scarves, handbags and even shoes.

How to Wear The Boho Way

Garments - The dresses and tops can give you the casual, cheerful, funky yet alluring look that you want for casual days. Maxi Skirts or dresses can be matched with your everyday topwear in a unusual funky yet vibrant way. 

Jewellery - Boho-inspired jewellery can be the icing on the outfits. Matched with sandals with bead work and boho - inspired slouches and moccasins, you would really look unique in truest sense. These include Silver Mexican bracelets, Finger Rings with different structures influenced by various regional cultures and large pendants or ear accessories. The target should be a carefree, just out-of-the-bed look with no or minimal makeup.

Footwear -  These may be recognised with anything from ballet flats to ethnic inspired sandals. Preferably, they should match the shade of garments(better be of neutral colours).

Impact Of Bohemian Culture

Go to a random casual-style music concert and you will find fine examples of boho – clothing. There are festivals, music pieces, movies in the theatres based on the boho – idea of living. That is how far the ideology of being careless,free and comfortable has come to. People wear Boho pieces of art from casual walks to the grocer to their workplaces and even sit in them at home. So, what are you waiting for? Head out to and Check the amazing collections of Boho art – pieces at Sanskriti777 and be the Bohemian you always wanted to be.


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