5 Poses for Instagram

Honestly , who doesn’t like a good picture? Thats why, here we have compiled a list of poses that you can don to get those thumbs ups on Instagram!

The Headless pose

Well, Don’t be alarmed at the name! This is a great pose for when you want to show off your bomb outfit/accessories but your face isn’t  co-operating! Just snap a shot of yourself sans the face and showcase that show stopper outfit or accessory.

Picture Credit : @evachen212 via instagram

The Let-those-arms-free Pose

Let's face it, we have all had this question while posing for a picture, “What do I do with my hands?”  Also, there are ton of memes about that as well. One good idea to avoid awkward hands is to put one or both the hands behind your head. You can place one hand on your hips, or put them loosely in your pockets.

Pro Tip : For a super model like posture, just roll your shoulders back irrespective of what you choose to do with your hands.

Picture Credit : @aanamc via instagram

On-The-Go Pose

Candids, Plandids are out of the window already. Hence, the on-the-go pose definitely ought to get you the perfect shot. Just move around and ask your friend to take a burst shot.The only con to this pose is that you will have trouble deciding among the lost of good pics that result! Yes, its the best!

Picture Credit : @gigihadid via instagram

The One foot front Pose

This is an easy and no effort pose, all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other while standing.The most awesome thing is that you can get fantastic shots by combining different posture, different angles of the camera with the one foot front shot. Here are some examples:    

  1. Side profile with one foot front
  2. One foot front with the shot taken at an upward angle
  3. Butt-out and one foot front ( aka the Baby giraffe pose)

Picture Credit : @sejalkumar1195 via instagram

The Be-Yourself Pose

There is nobody like you and there is no pose like being yourself. So loosen yourself , be you, be unapologetically you, when the shutter goes “Clkkkkk” and watch the magic happen.

Picture Credit : @taylorhill via instagram

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