15 Emerging handbag brands in India

I truly believe a bag is a girl’s best friend. They are not just a functional accessory but a game changer, that can totally transform your look.When you have your favorite bag with you, its like you have a piece of home right beside you, no matter where in the world you are.Also, Aren’t we all in constant search of a good bag? Thats exactly why we have put together this list of handbag brands. Scroll down and Start Shopping!

1. Roucy Shop

If you are looking for a fun everyday bag which has some really quirky patterns and designs, Roucy shop has got you covered. Their designs have animal prints, flowers, catchy slogans/quotes.Their square backpacks are show stealers what with being spacious and stylish at the same time.

Check their collection at www.roucyshop.com and be blown away by their affordable prices.

2. Zouk

Fan of traditional Ikkat (honestly, who isn’t?), Mughal Motifs, and Tribal prints? Look no further, because Zouk has all those prints on bags made of Premium Vegan leather. Their tote bags are so spacious, you can carry your whole world in them, yet not look bulky!

Check their collection at www.zouk.co.in  and be amazed at the quality of the bags.

3. 2am by Anjali and Meha

Handmade and Vegan <3! If you need any more reason to love this brand, you should check their designs which are predominantly chic office friendly bags. Their lunch bags are sure to win your hearts.

Visit www.2amstore.com and be surprised at the exclusive collection for men!

4. Pitara Unbox Creativity

There are various brands that have different prints and designs, materials etc. But how often do we come across brands that create handmade bags in a variety of sizes and shapes? That’s why you need to check Pitara Unbox creativity’s collection of bags! Surely, you will fall in love with their unique combination of patterns and shapes!

Visit www.pitaraunboxcreativity.com and get yourself a completely customized bag.

5. Old Tree

If you are looking for a bag that isn’t loud with patterns, then old tree is your friend. Because they have such amazing quality bags in simple solid colors.

Hit https://oldtree.co/ and fall in love with their embossed leather bags which are super affordable.

6. Imars Fashion

Imars Fashion is an environment friendly brand that produces various types of leatherette bags. Their products are edgy, unconventional and chic. Thumbs up for their wristlets and cross body bags.

Go to https://imarsfashion.com/ and check their cutesy designs!

7. The Burlap People

The best description for this brand is their Instagram bio, which says “This is not a brand, its conscious living”. Burlap bags are made of jute, which is recyclable and bio-degradable. Do not miss out on their backpacks!

Go to https://www.theburlappeople.com/ and fall in love with their colour palette.

8. Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro produces handmade pure leather artisanal bags. They source their leather from tanneries where leather is a byproduct of the meat industry and no animals are endangered or reared primarily for their hides. They also offer options to add monograms for a more personalised touch. The team also offers service to the bags, so that they can last longer.

Visit https://chiaroscuro.in/ and get yourself a bag that you can live and evolve with!

9. Lemon and Pepper

Lemon and Pepper is a brand that produces bags that are “stylishly structured, highly comfortable and can complement your look”. Made from superior quality materials, their bags will set you apart in a crowd.

Go to https://lemonpepper.in/ because you will definitely heart their collection.

10. Rustik Blends

Rustic Blends offers a unique collection of bags handcrafted using traditional Indian fabrics comprising mostly of handlooms, natural and eco-friendly materials. Their hand block printed cotton bags and silk wallets will definitely win you heart!

Shop from rusticblends.in and support rural artisan women!

11. Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit is a cruelty-free brand that offers vegan faux leather bags and follows sustainable practices in making all its bags. They believe in making functional, simple yet stylish bags. Their Barrel Sling bags, Capsule and Tool Box bags are sure to turn heads.

Hit https://moonrabbitlifestyle.com/ because their designs are as captivating as their brand name!

12. A Clutch Story

A Clutch story is a brand that exclusively sells exquisite handcrafted clutches and potlis. Their designs are perfect for the festive and wedding seasons. With shimmers, pearls, embellishments they will add more sparkle to you and make you stand out.

Go to https://aclutchstory.com/ and check out their marble collection of bags!

13. Modern Myth

Modern Myth is an animal cruelty free vegan brand that provides concept based bags. The team has designed bags that include concepts of folklore, modern myth and social stigma. They also have convertible bags that are multi-functional.

Hit https://www.modernmyth.in/ for bags that tell tales!

14. Mirragio

Mirragio is a brand that designs its bags taking inspiration from the free spirited nature of women. Their bags are categorized in to Minimalisque, Rose Coco, Bold & Beast and Rebel Chic. Sounds attractive right? Owing to their versatility, you can definitely find a bag that is just so YOU!

Open up https://miraggiolife.com/ and choose a bag that goes with your style!

    15. Sanskriti777

      Sanskriti777 is a Handmade Bohemian Bag Brand with a Social cause. All their creations are avant-garde and timeless. Made from beautiful vintage banjara materials and intricate beadwork in an array of colors, their bags are an epitome of free-spiritedness and spectacular craftsmanship. Their designs are universal and transcends cultural boundaries. Perfect for hipster souls, these bags can make you feel like you can pocket sunshine.The brand distributes large amount of its profits in improving, supporting artisans and creating employment for many. Exporting to over 50 countries, the brand is steadily emerging as one of the leading handmade labels in the country.

      Load https://sanskriti777.com/ and buy yourself a piece(s) of happiness!!

      Disclaimer : All the pictures are sourced from the respective brand website or instagram accounts.

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